Take Tivo Content to iTunes and iPhone in OS X

Tivo Logo TDM Screenshot

If you have a Series 2 Tivo, and have Tivo on the network it is very easy to get Tivo recorded shows to your iTunes and iPhone.

Using Tivo Decode Manager it is really a breeze. Basically, you want to record in ‘High Quality’ from Tivo then setup TDM to do the MP4 conversion. You will get a file that then can be imported into iTunes and be recognized as a TV Show or Movie. Of course, you need to know your Tivo IP and your Media Access Key, but this is a great solution to get high quality video off your Tivo in a very easy way. This is light years ahead of the way it used to have to be done. It has also been around for quite a while now and I have had tremendous success with it over the last year. It was shaky initially, but after the last TDM version, it has been solid.

Sample screenshot of TDM above.