1. Wondering why this page is getting so much activity all of a sudden…

  2. Steven Dees

    I’m one of the few old farts left on the net that had the good fortune to experience angry.org in it’s prime. I have very fond memories of it. No matter what I may have been angry about, a quick trip to angry.org would expose me to groups of people even angrier. Really really angry, And witty. Within minutes, I always felt better.

    When I navigated those hallowed pages of four letter word rage dispensing, the freedom of the old Internet was palpable (a feeling that’s hard to describe to those who’ve only known it’s current iteration).

    Thank you for that very happy memory of a very different, very raw, very beautiful time of the Internet and my life. It’s one of the few memories of those early days that can still stir in me those emotions of total liberation, intellectual freedom, and nervous excitement that being on that Great Net then induced.

    There is now, of course, an unfathomable amount of information on the web. New knowledge at my fingertips and such. That’s good too. But, I can’t help but think, perhaps…..perhaps I would trade it all for the old Net. For that fleeting feeling of being truly free. Intellectual anarchy. If only for a moment.

    I miss that time dearly.


    • Hey, thank you for taking the time to comment on this. It truly was a different time as we were all trying to figure out what the Internet could and should be. Your comments made my day.

      Take care,


  3. Dave W.

    Merg! I love that you still have this domain — I thought you’d let it go.

    And long live the FlexMail CGI! Wasn’t that the tool you used for web-based form submissions in one of those iterations? That was my intro to web CGI’s. Ahh, such fond memories of when the web was still run mostly by techies, and not by corporations.


    • Dave!

      Good to hear from you! I hope all is well!

      – Jonathan


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