Great Web Browser for Palm –> Opera Mini

Opera Mini on Palm 700p

It is no iPhone/Safari, but it is much better than the tired Blazer browser that is stock on Palm-based Treos. If you have a Treo 700p, this is really a must to handle non-pda optimized content. I think with all the iPhone envy, it is getting even more play. You can do the zoomed-out view and then zoom into the specific parts of the page.

You can download here.

For Palm, you will also need IBM JVM for Palm. You can download here.

You will also need to set some settings for JVM in the IBM Java Preferences in the Palm Prefs

Set Memory Maximum: 4mb

Set Maximum Java Thread Stack Size: 32kb

I did this for the ‘Global Settings’ but you could do it just for Opera Mini but since it really is the only palm/java app I run it really was just the same.