New Life for Linksys WRT300N with DD-WRT


My Linksys WRT300N has been a good router for home but now that I needed a some more routing options, I really needed to decide what to do. I don’t need a full-blown router since I am not dishing a routable class C or anything, just a couple of IPs to for servers.

I have known about dd-wrt and openwrt for quite a while, but thought those only supported the ubiquitus Linksys WRT54G models. Linksys has really left the device for dead and not provided an updated firmware version since 2007. So, I gave DD-WRT another look and turns out someone had incorporated a build for the model I had (a Linksys WRT300N version 1.1).

Here is the link to the files needed. I was able to easily upgrade the firmware to the ‘mega’ build and I am off to the races doing some great stuff recycling the hardware that is more than capable of handling vlans, etc with the right feature-base in the firmware. This is a realy great way to give old Linksys hardware new life. If I didn’t go down this road, I would have had to plug in more hardware like ethernet switches and take up more power and make even more of a mess in my garage. Have to thank BrainSlayer and all the others who contribute to DD-WRT. I hope I can help now as well.

DISCLAIMER: You are totally on your own if you want to mess with non-Linksys firmware on your devices. If you hose or brick your router it is ***NOT***’s fault (or mine for that matter). If you are great with the way your WRT300N or other Linksys WRT* router works and/or you are not comfortable with messing with the internals of these devices, then don’t.