Great solution instead of long VGA cable


We have a theater projector and have a long run to the control booth, but this is not optimal for a presenter on the stage since we don’t have a VGA cable run to the stage that would allow the speaker to operate their laptop from the stage. After replacing the projector with a more modern one, I also really wanted to solve this.

Epson and some other manufacturers of projectors are putting wifi into the projectors themselves but that turns into a software and hardware solution which is not what I wanted either. Also, the projection software is only for Windows which is ridiculous not to mention the quality for anything beyond powerpoint slides is bad and the delay is distracting.

Enter a VGA to Cat5 solution. The TrippLite Cat5 VGA Extender (part B130-101) is the one I went with and the repeater aspect can dish a VGA signal quite a long way and more than enough for our run from the booth to the stage where we have network runs.

This provides a great solution for hitting a projector video source from a long way away while still keeping the system hardware only.