Using kmsrecover in Kerio Mailserver (It works!)

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Recently, we had an issue with our Kerio Mailserver where we had to restore data for a couple of users from a backup and kmsrecover worked well. Kerio Support directed me to the manuals. A direct link is here. The server does need to be shutdown prior to the restore. I recommend using the flags to redirect the restore to a directory different than the one for the user in the default store.

As root, here are some example restores I did. I am currently running Kerio Mailserver on OS X.

# cd /usr/local/kerio/mailserver
# kmsrecover -d -u jmergy -f “INBOX” -s /Volumes/restore-dir /Volumes/backup/keriosnapshot

The -s flag redirects the restore to a different directory.It actually goes relatively quickly. You need to have the Kerio-generated backup files (both full and incremental) for the day you want to restore from. The example above is pointing kmsrecover to look for the INBOX for user jmergy in the domain in the directory of the Kerio backup files located in /Volumes/backup/keriosnapshot and will put the files in /Volumes/restore-dir. In my case, I wanted to restore a folder and then bring that folder back into the user’s mail directory as a sub-folder. After the restore is done, you can move the restore directories and files back into your user. I would recommend NOT displacing existing files unless you don’t case about what is already there.

If you are in need of using this, work with Kerio support to make sure this is the best way to go. Also, this is relatively new tool so probably was brought into the product in version 6.7, so earlier versions do not apply.

Links of note:

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