Concerns on Sidewalk Width For a Miraloma Park Tree with FUF

In my recruitment of property owners in the Miraloma Park and Sunnyside areas of San Francisco, I have received many responses from people that were interested but concerned about the limited sidewalk width issues that the city mandates perhaps for ADA considerations.

I brought this up with FUF and they came back with this;

“I’ve gotten more details about the narrow sidewalks in Miraloma Park that makes it a difficult neighborhood to plant. Basically, it just requires a little bit of creativity and each basin that we cut out and place a tree into needs to have at a certain amount of substance put back into the basin on the outer edges. We can apparently acquire the material that needs to be put back in cheaply, and it isn’t a big expense, although it might add a few bucks per person. Then we need to tell our counterparts at the city’s Bureau of Urban Forestry that that’s what we are doing. Those details are all what our arborists work out, and I think the best thing to do would be to talk to one of our arborists to get a better sense of what to tell folks to expect, so they know its not completely straightforward.”

So, please hang in there and we will make this happen.