Install and Run Handbrake on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

I have been backing-up our DVDs to file recently and been using Handbrake a lot. Handbrake is a great tool and runs great on Windows and Mac OS X, but it also runs on Ubuntu. After encoding a few movies on our Macs and then transferring them to our storage location, I thought that it might just be best to encode the video on the linux server itself. Here is a quick guide if there is not one out there yet. Handbrake can be installed via the PPA structure in Ubuntu. Big ups to John Stebbins for working on this.

1. Login to your Ubuntu Linux 10.0.4 system. If your system does not have a GUI (Gnome) then you can use Handbrake via command-line , but not for the average user.

2. I would run a command that makes sure your system is up to date, package-wise prior to adding the PPA.

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Then allow everything to be run and updated and reboot if needed.

3. Add the PPA for John Stebbins personal archive to your apt-get repository

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-snapshots

4. Then run the update to get the apt-get available packages so you can get handbrake

$ sudo apt-get update

5. Then, since your system knows about John’s archive and has the package for Handbrake, go ahead and run it.

$sudo apt-get install handbrake*

This will show you that you are going to install the command-line and the gtk (gnome) gui version. Screenshot shows the step 5 install process but I am root straight-out (the sudo stuff gets old when you have to just get stuff done so having a root password is important for me).

This sort of process is constantly changing and this is just want works at this point in time, so best to check this for new/better ways to get to the solution.

6. I would also make sure you have the latest version of vlc installed.

$ sudo apt-get install vlc

7. You will be able to run the GUI version of Handbrake via the Gnome menu structure under Sound & Video or just running this command via Terminal

$ ghb

Another nice way to run this on your linux box would be to just run it via VNC or X over SSH. Here is a screenshot running Handbrake on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on X over SSH from my MacBook 10.6.3 with X11.

Handbrake on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 run over SSH via X