Using Cron In OS X To Restart Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Agent

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy Symantec finally released a Mac OS X 10.6 Agent for Symantec Backup Exec 2010 but it is a little buggy. So much so, that we feel we really need to just have it restart daily on the OS X servers. Here is what we did. This is just a simple cron job.

1. Login via Terminal or SSH to the OS X server
2. su to the root user (or sudo everything if you want)
3. enter ‘crontab -e’

crontab -e on os x

4. insert (i) the cron information because there will probably not be any existing cron information in there

crontab entry for os x for the VRTSralus.init restart

Then press the ‘esc’ and ZZ to save the crontab out. The above crontab entry will restart VRTSralus.init every day at 12:15. You can set it for any time you wish that makes sense or whatever.

After ESC and ZZ to save out of crontab entry

5. You can check to see if it is actually working by going into the /var/VRTSralus directory and looking at the modification dates of the error logs and pid file.

changing directory to /var/VRTSralus

6. Doing an ‘ls’ you can see the modification date/time of the pid and log files. They both get new modification dates whenever the service is started.

VRTSralus log and PID files

So, having the server restart it every day or so seems to make it run a little more reliably. There might just be something in the code that is buggy and perhaps they can fix it next release.