Desktop Paging Finally Back On Mac OS X

After the demise of Codetek’s Virtual Desktop a few years ago, many Mac users who love desktop paging and virtual desktops were left with no real options. CodeTek’s software was actually very nice, but they just stopped updating it perhaps due to major OS changes from Apple or the developers disbanded. The website is still up for some crazy reason and they continue to sell a product that doesn’t work on OS X versions beyond 10.4. I hope people are not being taken, but who knows.

Apple came out with Spaces in meant to provide some level of functionality along the lines of traditional virtual desktops, but Spaces on it’s own is pretty worthless and more of a hassle then a benefit for many of us who typically have a dozen or so applications running simultaneously and constantly bouncing back and forth. Exposé is another tool that Apple includes as part of the OS starting in OS X 10.5 onward, but again, not very helpful and most just get confused by it.

Enter the newly released Hyperspaces from The Cocoabots. I was dubious that it could provide something close to the wonderful utility built-into all Linux GUIs from CentOS and RedHat to Ubuntu in Gnome or KDE. Good news is that it comes pretty close yet still feels very Mac-like. It works in conjunction with Apple’s Spaces to get me back in business with multiple virtual screens to leave applications open and maximized in their ready positions. The setup with Spaces and Hyperspaces is also aware and capably of handling apps based in X11 and in Windows VMWare apps like Internet Explorer.

Here are some screenshots of my setup –

My only issue would be that I do miss the option to have a floating palette switcher option or to be able to put the switcher in the menu bar full-time. But, this tool is a major, major help for me and I am sure in future versions, more options will be available and the product will continue to improve. It is well worth the $10 though in the OS X App store. If you just want to try it, you can via the website download, but you can only work with three desktops which will not be enough when you really get used to working effectively with desktop paging.

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