Why Tweetbot Rules


I have bought just about every Twitter client for iOS and have found them all pretty much as waste. They have features that are hit or miss and they are all probably fine for the basic user if you want to just stay within the bounds of what Twitter and the known services want to dump your way. Tweetie was great until Twitter acquired the developer and app to make it the official Twitter for iOS client then proceeded to strip-out functionality that actually made it really useful.

I run my own URL shortener and image hosting service so the options with Twitter clients are super important to me. Just about all the clients now for iOS stick to the standard services and do not allow custom configurations. This year, with the dumbing-down of Tweetie/Twitter, that I just started to use the web or mobile interface for Twitter for quite a while because the various clients were just so limited on configuration options. The key to Twitters success has always been innovative clients to help users (and power users) provide an interface to the stream of consciousness that is the Twitterverse. As Twitter tells developers to no longer develop client software to protect their own search for monetization, I fear the value of ease of use will decrease and ultimately destroy all that has been built. Twitter as shown it can rapidly inspire revolt with new ‘tools’ like it’s hated ‘QuickBar’ if there is a not a diversity of client interfaces.

Tweetdeck was a shining light in the dismal landscape, but that, like Tweetie, is now under the ownership of Twitter to soon be parted-out or stripped down based on the urgency of Twitter to figure out how they will be about to sell ads or something. Many feel Twitter acquired Tweetdeck to try and minimize client competition and unify client interface for it’s own benefit (not the twitter users that actually provide the content for Twitter.)

In this declining state of affairs for Twitter client innovation – Enter Tweetbot.

Tapbots is a small company that really gets it. In Tweetbot, they have developed the best user client for Twitter I have seen period. It runs on iOS but I hope they get it running on OS X as well. It runs circles around the other clients out there if you are looking for configuration options and settings. Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean.

Tweetbot rule because in this day of limiting user options and conforming to Twitter company mandates it pushes the focus back to the user of the tools and services to give us options on what and how we want to do. I hope many support this product and what it represents. If you have an iPhone and are not using Tweetbot, you need to give it a shot and trust me, you will be happy you did. @jmergy

Link: Buy Tweetbot From The Apple App Store

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