Compiling current clone of FFMPEG on OS X 10.7 Lion


Upgrading to OS X 10.7 (Lion) has really caused some issues for me. A big issue for me was not being able to easily grab the current clone of ffmpeg from the git repository. I was able to compile after doing the following.

1. Get your OS X 10.7 system current (as of now 10.7.1 is the latest and greatest)

2. Get Xcode from the App Store and there will be a software update on that (unless Apple has recently changed that.)

3. Reinstall fink (recommended after the 10.6-10.7 upgrade) and get it fully up-to-speed.

4. Install pkgconfig via fink using

# fink install pkgconfig

as root or do it with sudo.

5. Get (git!) the current clone of ffmpeg. (info here —> )

6. When you do the ffmpeg source configure, include theĀ  –disable-yasm flag

#./configure –disable-yasm


# make


# make install

7. You will have ffmpeg on OS X Lion.

Hope this helps.

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