Great Amplified Classroom Speakers: Epson ELPSP02

One Epson ELPSP02 On A Classroom Wall

Amplified speakers for classroom use are tough to come by. We have gone through many models. If you get desktop speakers, you need to then get wall mounts. So, you can go cheap, but adding the cost of decent wall mounts and the time involved to install them spikes the price. There unfortunately are very few options out there under $200 that have decent wall mounting kits that come with them and that are really set for use in a classroom setting.

I was able to find the Epson ELPSP02 Active Speakers. They are a pair of speakers that were designed to be wall mounted and ready to go for teachers. They cost around $150 or so from CDWG or another distributor.

The treble and bass adjustments are also a nice touch. It also comes with a mounting bracket for the power adapter which is great for cabling organization. We have a few pairs of these in now, but will be using this as the new standard for classrooms. They are also white in color and the cases are durable, so I feel they will hold-up to the rough environment of the high school classroom.

Couple of points to note: RCA to 3.5 audio connector cables are NOT included, so you need to get those separately. Also, the cable that connects the powered speaker to the non-powered is not standard speaker wire, so you cannot have these more than about 12 feet apart from each other. But, there is plenty of length to put them above or around a standard dry-erase whiteboard.

All and all in our testing, we are finding they are holding-up well and provide decent sound for the rooms. The mounting brackets come with the units, so that is just a huge time-saver on getting third-party mounts from Peerless or something and then having to rig something crazy.

The Epson site product page actually doesn’t even do a decent job of giving you information or pictures of what they really look like so I have added some additional images here. For me, seeing the way the connections are located is super-important. These speakers are designed to hang on the wall so the cabling that comes with it works well with the wall mounted setup.


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