Great Example Of A Slippery Slope Argument: The DirectTV “Roadside Ditch” Commercial

I rarely care or even acknowledge TV commercials. Most are actually pretty horrible and get skipped-over via TiVo, but the DirectTV “Don’t Wake Up In a Roadside Ditch” is an exception. The “Roadside Ditch 2012” commercial is a great example of a philosophical fallacy of a “slippery slope” argument. Watch it below.

More on the slippery slope argument and fallacy over at Wikipedia. Enjoyed it.

Here is the argument.

1. When your cable company puts you on hold, you get angry. 

2. When you get angry, you go blow-off steam. 

3. When you go blow-off steam, accidents happen. 

4. When accidents happen, you get an eye-patch. 

5. When you get an eye-patch, people think you’re tough. 

6. When people think you’re tough, people want to see how tough. 

7. And when people want to see how tough, you wake-up in a roadside ditch. 

8. Don’t wake-up in a roadside ditch. Get rid of cable. 


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  1. I need something that can give me enough information to fill this up .

    • Write a brief synopsis of the commercial in which you
    o Identify the product/service.
    o Provide a brief synopsis of the commercial.
    o Identify a fallacy within the commercial and explain what type of fallacy it is and why it is a fallacy as it is used within the advertisement.

      1. LOL srry if that seemed a lil bit too much there Can you please just give me links for the commercials and what fallachy they have Ill will do the rest. Just if you can .

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