1. james

    Hey can you please send me some fallacy commercials with the description of it. I will greatly appreciate it.

  2. james

    I need something that can give me enough information to fill this up .

    • Write a brief synopsis of the commercial in which you
    o Identify the product/service.
    o Provide a brief synopsis of the commercial.
    o Identify a fallacy within the commercial and explain what type of fallacy it is and why it is a fallacy as it is used within the advertisement.


    • I’m not doing your homework for you.

      • james

        LOL srry if that seemed a lil bit too much there Can you please just give me links for the commercials and what fallachy they have Ill will do the rest. Just if you can .


  3. omg i cant believe that he basically asked you to answer his homework that is awesome


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