Apple’s Future Plans? Look To Wall-E

It has become very clear to me that Apple’s recent actions and products follow a pattern. Steve Jobs, through his former company Pixar, put their future path out there for the entire world to see in the film Wall-E. I’m pretty sure you will agree with me after thinking about these next three remarkable coincidences.

Wall-E Human / Technology Interactions

Humans in Wall-E Using Facetime on their iPads

Wall-E depicted humans in chairs with a square tablet-like box floating in front of them interacting with them on everything. Did it have a keyboard? No. Did it have a mouse? No. The humans just talked to it and it responded. This is just like Siri and the latest iPhone (and probably the iPad3.)

Also, this still clearly shows what looks like the obese humans using Facetime and Siri. Also, you can’t deny that Americans are getting more obese and we happen to be buying more iPads and iPhones.

The Large Spaceship and The New Apple Campus

The Apple Campus “Spaceship”

Yes, the spaceship depicted in the movie looks different, but Steve Jobs himself prior to his passing, went to the Cupertino City Council to have them approve what Apple is touting as their new campus that happens to look like a spaceship! If I were the planning commission down un Cupertino, I would be on the lookout for change requests on the design as they morph it more and more into a replica of the Wall-E ship. Just saying.

Destruction of the Earth’s Environment

The Wall-E Skyline

Of course in the movie Wall-E, the humans are not on Earth because it has become so horribly destroyed by it’s former inhabitants that they are forced to live on the ship zooming around and Facetiming each other on their iPads. Apple is well on it’s way to destroying the Earth by selling obscene amounts of disposable electronics such as the iPod, iPhone and the iPad that are non-upgradeable ewaste that has an amazingly short lifecycle by design.

Apple also probably the largest client of Foxconn in Shenzhen, China. The polution and environmental damage in the area around Shenzhen is epic. I have no doubt this could spread to allow Apple to realize their vision they shared with the creators of Wall-E.


I expect Apple to start getting into electric furniture in the coming years and when they are actual able to build and complete the ship, I think it is time to worry. I would also invest in iRobot because I’m guessing Apple will acquire them to eventually invent the real Wall-E to scrub the Earth.

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