Getting the QCN ONavi USB Sensor Going Under 64-Bit Windows

I had a heck of a tough time getting the ONavi USB sensor operational and stable under Windows to work with the Quake Catcher Network project at Stanford. I tried numerous different hosts and operating systems, but wanted to get it going on a 64bit Windows 2008 server we use in-house for student software development because it had some decent horsepower and sat idle on non-school days.

We got the sensor in last year and had some limited success with it on 32-bit Windows for testing, but was unable to get it recognized in Windows as a device. The trick was to NOT use the drivers that QCN recommended. They don’t work. Also, they just provide a windows installer and not the drive files, so you can’t even point Windows to try and force it to load the drivers in their method.

In the QCN forums, there are many entries on the ONavi driver issues but deep in the various threads, I was able to find the link to the drivers that actually did work. This is a direct link to them hosting on my server.


Download the above file and unzip it. Then, go into Windows Device Manager and find the USB device it can’t figure out a driver for and point it at this expended folder. When you do and it loads the driver, you will see that the ONavi sensor hardware is really from Exar Corporation.

ONavi Black USB Sensor in Windows Device Manager after drivers are loaded

Here are some screenshots on the device details after the drivers are loaded from the link above.

Onavi USB Sensor Device Details
Onavi USB Sensor Device Details UART

Once the drivers were loaded, BOINC had no problems going to work in a consistent way.

QCN Running With ONavi USB Sensor on Windows

Hope this helps if you were having issues.

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    1. Great. These drivers have been great for us for the last few months. I snagged them because I wasn’t sure if they were going to go away, so hope this helps.

  1. I am so sorry but my Windows seas that it has the latest version of the drivers and will NOT accept anything else.
    I do not like Windows. It thinks to much by it self. Have you any idéa how to make Windows accept my biddings?
    Thnaks for a great effort to help all of us!

    1. Download the drivers here and unzip them to a directory on your C drive.

      Go into Control Panel > System > Devices and update the driver and you can point Windows to the driver I posted here that you unzipped.

      This is a way to update/change what Windows gave you.

      Good luck!

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