#IFTTT Cross-Posting Nightmare Ends 9/27/12

The fortunate side-effect of Twitter’s nutty crackdown and developers forcibly or voluntarily fleeing the service is that all of us on App.net now will get much less noise to sift through from one-way posters. For me, the issue was not about the tool IFTTT developed for it’s users, it was about the “tools” that setup their posts to dump to App.net and never engaging in¬†genuine¬†dialogue with Alpha community.

Zombie posters on App.net via IFTTT

I have no doubt dumpers will still be around. But, I hope this really lowers the dead-end posts that most App.net users have had to find ways to bypass and ignore. It is also a wonderful opportunity for those that have App.net accounts but are now motivated to do something different with their social media effort. Currently, IFTTT posts have normally been the #1 or # 2 source of posts on App.net since the it was able to be linked.

Typical Top Clients From Appnetizens Analytics hourly client stats

Turn the page on 9/27/12 when the cord is cut.





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