Prepping Video for WhippleHill and Brightcove With FFMPEG (2012 Edition)

I wanted to post an update to this. I am still post-processing video from the school’s various events in FFMPEG prior to uploading to WhippleHill Podium and Brightcove. We are now running 720p video and I have been really simplifying the command steps. Today’s video example below was a 2 gig video from a community meeting compressed into a 380 meg mp4. FFMPEG is great.


I have been using the -async 2 -qscale 5 and -strict experimental flags with ffmpeg and been happy with the results quality/filesize.


This was about a 30 minute video at 720p (or 1280×720) so the file size savings is quite remarkable. I just wanted to provide an update since I did do some posts on this in the past as some guidelines for WhippleHill/Brightcove schools to think about when they post their videos.


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