Texapp: the console text-based command-line App.net/ADN client

It’s wonderful to see the variety of clients the developers in the App.net community are building. One that might not get a lot of press is the text-based Perl client Texapp. It has become my default. I was even able to get it installed a few weeks ago on a jailbroken iPhone. I highly recommend you play with it. Here are some screenshots of Texapp in action.

Texapp Startup with ANSI

You can change settings while the app is running or put settings you know you want in a .texapprc file in your user directory. Here is mine.

My .textapprc

In-application help is also available but you get used to the commands very quickly. Here is the help screen.

/help while inside the running app

I typically have it running on a separate monitor so I can have the App.net “ticker” always available so I can jump in when I have the ability to do so.

More info over at http://www.floodgap.com/software/texapp/

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