Twitter’s Walled Garden Just Got A Ceiling and a Floor

The bird really has a dark side now.

In shocking news today, Twitter has done even more to severe it’s relationship with developers and value-added services by giving IFTTT the word it will not allow it and it’s users to cross-post. Twitter’s recent moves on restricting it’s API and taking away options for power users who have used the service and help make it what it has become have really been bizarre to watch. It’s one thing to try and control user experience and quality but it is quite another to limit options and services that improve the overall experience and ease of use as they have done with 3rd-party Twitter clients and services.

To do all that Twitter has done in the very short amount of time to damage their reputation with the developer and larger community is really surprising. Twitter has taken the concept of a “walled garden” and really added a ceiling and floor that will severely damage the entire ecosystem around what made it such a wonderful service. This sort of bad will and the upcoming onslaught of ads will really not make Twitter a fun place to be. Although, I am eager to see how this will affect the new Alpha network over at which I have been playing in since early August and finding to be much more what Twitter might have been.

More information on everything that went down today over at TechCrunch.


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