Workaround For Using PollEverywhere In “Kiosk” Mode

PollEverywhere is a great tool to do real-time polling. It is something that can really be useful for schools. Most of the responses in a school environment will be with SMS., but there might also be students that do not have cell phones and text plans. The workaround for that would be to setup a few computers when you are doing the voting so students that can’t vote through the texting method can hit the web page view of the poll. The problem though is that if you don’t do set it up correctly and have a question or set of questions where you only want a single response, PollEverywhere will only accept a single response per question from your common computer.

We ran into this a year or so ago. I did a workaround for it locking the cookie that PollEverywhere uses to check the voting status and we were fine. Multiple students were able to vote on a common kiosk machine with a browser on questions that had a finite amount of responses. This is still required if you have this issue. Here is how to do it in Chrome.

Go into Preferences/ Advanced Settings / Content Settings / Cookies

Go into “Manage Exceptions”

Add “” and “Block” the behavior. This will inhibit PE from writing that the browser responded to the question on page reloads.

You get to vote once.

You voted. You get the message saying you have responded the maximum amount of times.

Reload the page.

And you get to vote again! Obviously, in a school environment, we are having students move through usage, so someone isn’t just sitting there doctoring the polls this way but this is a great way to provide access but still keep the poll numbers accurate instead of allowing just multiple responses from each device which is the only option PE does right now.


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