Update Accelerator / IPCop Caching Software Updates

On a couple of firewalls I am still running the older version of the Linux-based IPCop (version 1.4.21) so I can still use this awesome plugin called Update Accelerator to cache software updates from the major software vendors. This allows us to not have to download the same Microsoft, Apple or Adobe update a million times and waste bandwidth in the proces. When you have 460 students all wanting to get the latest version of iTunes or OS X update, it really helps.

I check-in with the stats page on it every once and a while to purge old software it cached but that hasn’t been touched in a while and am always surprised at how much it saves us. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like today. This is only from one of the three firewall setups I use for three different parts of the network.

Remarkable. I also purge all the time but it still is running 70+ gigs of software updates for Adobe, Apple, Linux, Microsoft, Symantec and Trend Micro and has saved us tremendous amounts of download time because once an update is cached, it sends it to the client on the network via ethernet instead of downloading via the various OS update tools. This all works without any additional configuration on the client or whatever. It is invisible to the user when they run updates while on the network.

The plugin was last updated in 2009 for this older version of IPCop (they are on 2.x now) but it continues to be a “killer” app for me. I hope there will continue to be development on it because it is just a wonderful tool to have for sysadmin.

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