Get The Evernote Windows Application on Ubuntu 12.10 via WINE

Evernote is now a part of my everyday life. Keeping a digital notebook over my Moleskin has been amazingly handy. The web GUI has been okay while on Ubuntu Linux, but getting a native application is even better. Evernote does do a native Linux app yet (and maybe never will) so getting something going would be a nice surprise. So, I tried it works and couldn’t be much easier to install. Here goes.

1. Install WINE on your Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) via command line or Synaptic (if you don’t have Synaptic Package Manager, get it. It’s waaay better than the bundled “Ubuntu Software” package manager.)

sudo apt-get install wine

2. Once you have the basic WINE package in, snag the current Evernote application installer for Windows. I’m assuming the Windows only one is less fancy than the Windows 7 installer and can be easily run in WINE masquerading as Windows XP.

3. Get the .exe installer in the Ubuntu Unity or GNOME GUI and right-click to open in in Linux with the WINE loader.

4. You will run the installer and get the login prompt. After that, do an initial sync and you will get all your notebooks!

5. Your GUI of choice in Linux will see it as a native app, so all is good. I put mine in Docky but it also shows in the GNOME apps.

6. Evernote via WINE seems to be working just fine. I am sure there will be some errors for minor stuff, but generally seems to run nicely after some initial testing.


I tested the built-in software updater and worked, etc. So, pretty cool to have this as “native” as currently possible in Linux.


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