Outlook 2011 Mac and Kerio Connect Shared Public Folders

Outlook Mac 2011 handles shared folder subscription a little differently than old Entourage did. I didn’t quickly find an existing guide on this when I searched earlier, so here goes.

1. Setup your shared folder in Kerio Connect via the web interface as a user that has rights to create shared folders in the Public Folders area and confirm access setups.

Here is mine that I just setup today for a shared public folder “Calendar 13-14” with a few people that can admin it. Confirm access/permissions.

Added Calendar type shared folder under Kerio Connect Public Folders with permissions


2. In Outlook Mac 2011, go to the “Tools” area. The menu items are between the two horizontal icon rows at the top of the window.

After clicking to “Tools” in Outlook 2011 Mac


3. Click on “Public Folders” to get a list of folder/items you can subscribe to.

Public Folders you can subscribe to at the Kerio Connect server


4. Select the one you want and hit the “Subscribe” button. After you subscribe, it will make the item bold.


5. Close out of this and go into your Calendar in Outlook to select it for inclusion into your view.


And that should do it. A little different method then the simplier way Outlook on Windows or the old Entourage on Mac did it, but there you go.

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