Razuna Digital Asset Management System Pics

I just updated our DAM (digital asset management) system I put in a couple of years ago to start cataloging and archiving the thousands and thousands of images, video we collect across the school and the recent update is wonderful. We have been with Razuna for a while and I have just been keeping it behind the scenes as I populated it with digital files I collected but to see the maturity and slick GUI now is very cool. It is wonderful and fun to work with. I wanted to post some screenshots. We have something like half a terabyte of files right now, but I am loading another 250 gigs here over the next couple of days.

Library view
File details
More data details on the digital object

I am truly surprised more independent schools are not doing more with DAMs. My sense is they are trying to hack together something with iPhoto libraries and sharing or going to the free “cloud” and/or something wacky with Dropbox or anotherĀ convolutedĀ method as foolish as that instead of running their own. Good luck with that. We can embed upload pages for people to give us images easily and place streaming areas in our website that feed from video in the archives repository.

Pretty sweet.

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