Evernote Web Clipper Errors

I have received a few emails that there is a problem with my old workaround for Evernote on iOS Safari. So, I went back and retested it.

But, I just checked the code with the Evernote Clipper site ( http://evernote.com/webclipper/) and my paste-able text file and even tested with regular non-iOS browsers and it seems like it could be something on Evernote’s side. Here is the error.

It renders this page and this url >> http://evernote.com/maint-shard.php

Evernote Web Clipper Error on initial login

Yet after that initial error, I was able to still continue to clip pages after the initial login. So, it seems like it is something that kicks up after an initial login to Evernote. It is not just related to the iOS Safari bookmarklet hack, but all browsers in my tests. Here is a clipper call from iOS Safari right after I get the error. I am able to clip without a problem. Weird.

Clip attempt right after the login error



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