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  • Great information. Changing these seem to be more complicated in KerioConnect 8 vs older versions.

    If you want to hide or change the “Kerio Connect” banner in the main email area (in the top navigation bar), find the file ../webmail/webmail2.css

    Look for the entry for .navigationBar .productName and set display:none to hide it all together. You could also set the background: url path to your own image if you wanted.

  • I have tried to give the new webmail another background image but it did not work out.

    So if you search for navagationbar you end up at this line

    “.navigationBar .productName {
    background: url (…”

    Where and how do you place the picture link? Internal, external? BTW I guess this is for the old webmail as the new login (aka client) screen is located at /opt/kerio/mailserver/web/weblib/int/login/connect. Maybe you have an idea where the backgound can be changed in the new login?