Evernote, you need to make a legit solution for iOS Safari users


I started using Evernote a couple of years ago and am a big user today. I have a premium account. I love it. I have recommended Evernote to dozens of users. In early 2011, Evernote was an up-and-coming system and was building a few cool new tools. Now in 2013, Evernote has all kinds of different apps for food, brainstorming and for Windows and OS X.


But, they still have not done anything to help their users trying to get Safari iOS integration with Evernote through the webclipper.

In mid-2011, I took the Evernote bookmarklet code they make available for Evernote users to leverage in desktop  browsers and documented a way to make it work within Safari on iOS. Thankfully, Safari on iOS supports javascript in bookmarks for some crazy reason otherwise, this would be a non-starter. Others have done a similar process for people to help them with Evernote Webclipper on iOS. I thought this would be great for maybe the few people who might be interested in this. But, it turns out a TON of people want this. Google Analytics results don’t lie. Since mid-2011, the most accessed pages on my website are these pages that detail the way to make the clipper code work with iOS Safari.

Here some Google Analytics data for the last couple of years for mergy.org.

The timeframe is from January 15, 2011 to January 15, 2013.

The top pages are the two related to the first and second revision of the Evernote clipper bookmarklet to iOS Safari bookmark hack. Nothing else is really even close.

So, I beg of you Evernote, you have your users needing and seeking-out this type of functionality. The proof is in the numbers above. People want this.

Why can’t you give them something better than my half-baked solution of having them paste javascript code into a Safari bookmark? If not now, when?

I love Evernote and I know they can do something on this for everyone. I would argue it absolutely takes priority over the next revision of Evernote Food. But until then, I will continue to be amazed at how many people will be copy and pasting javascript for this workaround.

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