FFMPEG compile and encode with H.264/MPEG-4


How I use FFMPEG is a constantly changing situation for me. The more you understand the tools available in FFMPEG, the more you are able to do some really amazing stuff. Here is how I am running it now in 2013.

Compiling ffmpeg on Ubuntu 12.10

This compile includes x264 which is awesome.



Encoding with H.264

”  -async 2″  gives me confidence that audio/video sync will be okay

” -vcodec libx264″ is the call to have ffmpeg use it over the default

” -strict -2″ is to allow ffmpeg to deal with AAC since it was from a Mac

” -qscale 5″ lowers the video quality a bit, but not noticeably in my use and the filesize reduction is worth it for me.


Play in browser

Of course, now we upload this to our DAM (Razuna) or directly to our WhippleHill and Brightcove website so people can play in-browser.

mp4 video in Razuna DAM
mp4 video in Razuna DAM


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