What is up with the insane long Google results URL now?

It seems Google is adding some additional information to the query. It used to be that you could send people a URL for a search but now this is out of hand. Go to Google and just do a plan simple search for a term and check the address bar when you get results. Crazy.

I did a search for “testing” and look at the results.


Yet, look at the crazy returned URL



What else could they be injecting into the results for them to record? This happens whether or not you are logged-into Google+ so I’m not sure what is up. Does anyone else notice this?


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  1. It has been a while, the URL has been constantly evolving, I guess most parameters can be identified: browser, geoloc, interface language, clicked on search or used return, etc. But I am not sure why they are this important for them. “For a better user experience” they’ll say 😉

    1. Thanks. From comments on HN and other places, It just really makes the whole thing so unwieldy for everyone. You would think they could get what they needed via server logs vs. messing with the portability of the results URL.

    2. For a better NSA user experience, more like. The TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS program. Look it up via DuckDuckGo if you like, but DDG show your DNS query off to the spooks, too. They could hide it like Startpage do (except when you use certain Startpage search plugins or search it from the address bar – apparently a browser limitation) BUT DuckDuckGo CHOOSE TO LET YOU BE SPIED UPON WHILST NOT DOING THE SPYING THEMSELVES (which is NO better, really, is it?)

  2. I believe the urls from google look like that at least a year already. One possible “positive” answer is that google wants to check first if the site being reported as “bad” or “malware”.

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