Ubuntu Touch Install on a Nexus 7

Just got a Nexus 7 tablet in to play with Android on modern hardware and to mess with Ubuntu Touch. I’m following the wiki install guide. Running this from Ubuntu 13.04.

1. Get the Phablet sw


2. Tapped the Build 7 times and voila. Then booted into unlocking in.


3. Then you have to get into Android, which was just reset, and do the Developer Build click again and enable USB debugging on the device. With the device in USB Debug mode and connected via USB to your linux machine, run

To confirm you are seeing it. You will get a result like this that will show the device ID.


4. Then, you can run the phablet tools. The script that runs goes and snags the image from Ubuntu for the device type. But, it will only do it for the support devices.


The script retrieves a few files in the process.

5. It pushes the images via USB to the device.


6. Let it run for a while and it will push the images to the device and reboot.


7. Upon reboot, it was stuck or something. So, I held power for a while to restart it but it really wasn’t stuck It was just confusing because after boot, it drops you right into the Unity GUI. It took me a while to just start trying to drag my finger in from the outer frame of the device into the screen. If you drag from the outer-left area of the screen towards the center, you will get the familiar Unity Dash navigation. I just expected a login or something and was really on the desktop after start. Funny.


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