Visualizing Excel Data To Interactive Maps

Recently, I had the need to take some data from excel with address information and throw it against an interactive map. I used to be able to do this with Google Maps and Fusion Tables but Google has restricted access or made it more of a pain to accomplish this for some crazy reason. The great news is that there is even a better way now. BatchGeo make this process really simple and quick to do.


The data source was from a recent survey and I got the data into an Excel and down to zip codes but I still wanted to have the other elements of the data as part of the interactive map. Basically, you can generate a map from your data and allow grouping options based on whatever column of the data you want. In whatever your spreadsheet app of choice is, you can copy and paste it into their data window and verify options. BatchGeo will see the data as delimited if you did it correctly and you will be off the races. Pretty neat way to get started to visualize address-related data.

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