Fixing “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.” errors in Android.


I did something Google Now or Google services in general didn’t like. After doing a bunch of searches, people were all over the place with possible fixes. I tried them all. But, the only solution I found was to delete the Google account data and cache.

Go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Search.


Press “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to purge the corrupted data.



Clearing this data out should purge the badness causing Google Search to freak-out.

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  1. I have the same problem, but I cannot get to my settings because because of thenbug I cannot type my lockscreen password.. So how am I going to fix that??

    1. I just solved out the problem, so think you guys might one to know the tips. I decided to update my Google App or just installed the Google App (the rainbow G icon in Google Play Store); and now all that ‘Unfortunately google service has stopped’ has gone and I can do typing again in my android screen. So happy.. hope wont happen again that such bug! ^^

      1. How can I do this is I can’t even get to the Google play store period? I don’t havr a Google search app in mine either and as soon as I touch Google play store, it gives me the unfortunately Google play store has stopped error message

  2. Thanks worked
    I have a unlocked att Samsung Rugby Pro sgh1547 and I can’t get the Google
    Play store to work I have tried every thing I also live in Winnipeg Canada maybe
    There a setting for that if you could help me that would be appreciated .

  3. Thank you ever so much.I had cleared the cache but was afraid to clear the data
    your instructions were very helpful.Thank you.

  4. Same thing on how it says “Unfortunately, google search has stopped.” but after it happened when i went to go on my phone a little later the keyboard that i use to enter in my password just stopd showing, the phone registers that im clicking the box but no keyboard shows up so now i cant get in my phone ideas?

    1. Hello, Venus. Did you ever get a response to this or figure out how to get into your phone? I am having the same problem with my daughter’s tablet.

  5. Thank you I compliment you sharing this fix it helped me to find how to reset the keyboard Settings on my Samsung phone

  6. Thank You Jonathan Mergy,
    I had just activated my Brand New ZTE Valet TRACFONE,
    Android powered, never know about those Androids.
    “May The Force Be With You”

    Bravo Zulu

  7. Didn’t work for me. I even turned it off and back on. What DID work was changing the voice activation back to keyboard. Go to settings (looks like a cog wheel on the phone desktop) then language and input then default touchpal keyboard

    1. Tried everything else, just went to the default keyboard and was able to send a text. The keys are bigger too so I like that.

  8. unfortunately google has stopped ….what do i do im using htc 510 desire please help i cant use my keyboard it will not pop up

    1. Go into Settings on Android, then look for Applications Manager (or whatever “Applications” type menu item you have and search for Google-related applications and purge memory and settings around those. I haven’t seen this error in years, so just not sure why it comes up anymore.

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