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Fixing “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.” errors in Android.


I did something Google Now or Google services in general didn’t like. After doing a bunch of searches, people were all over the place with possible fixes. I tried them all. But, the only solution I found was to delete the Google account data and cache.

Go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Search.


Press “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to purge the corrupted data.



Clearing this data out should purge the badness causing Google Search to freak-out.

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  1. Omg yes thanks so much, that google has stoped was spamming on my phone like hell and now it’s fixed:) thanks

  2. Thanks big time! I thought I’d have to reset the whole phone. I was trying to install the Android 4.4 update, but it doesn’t work on the HTC One X, at least it didn’t for me. I guess I’m stuck with 4.1.1.

    Great Help!

  3. 18 Nov 2013
    So far, the only solution that has worked for me has been to uninstall the updates to Google Search (on the same settings screen shown here), restoring the app to how it was when it came out of the box.
    Note: I think this problem started after a recent update.

  4. It doesn’t work :(
    It makes me do all the steps for “Google Now” again,
    and if I click “Yes I’m in” nor “Maybe Later”
    It still says “Unfortunately, google search has stopped”
    What do I do?

  5. Here is my workaround. I used foxfire to search for google. Then I opened google and the google search page was displayed. On my samsung note 10.1 tablet I selected to make the current page google as a bookmark and added it to desktop. Now I can tap the bookmark icon and launch google.

  6. Thanks very much for taking the time to post your solution. Like you, I tried other fixes circulating out there and none worked. Yours is definitely a solid fix. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and was having the problem with not only Google Search but also Chrome. When attempting to launch Chrome it would start to load and immediately quit. Restarting the tablet didn’t work. I cleared only the cache in the affected apps and this didn’t help, as I expected. Before I cleared the data, I decided to try uninstalling and reinstalling all updates on both apps and this fixed them both. They now work perfectly. Just thought I would share since this may be a fix for some that would prefer not to use the option to clear all data in the app(s).

  7. I tried everything…. Nothing worked for me!! cleared all the data, caches nad uninstall, reinstall everyhing. the problem still exists.

  8. If you didn’t see the google search apps on settings..,
    Go to google play store and find it in tbere.., uninstall it and try again.., reinstalling it is optional..,

    I did it and it works.., thanks for this men.., (y)

  9. what if i am not able to go to setting? After upgradating android 4.1.2 to kitkat some problem occurs and I only see black screen and ” unfortunately your google search stopped working” appears and unable to close it and go to setting.