Use Evernote Webclipper in Android via Firefox

2013-10-19: Looks like Evernote has changed the webclipper functionality and are going to the browser plug-in route. I will see if I can adjust.


A couple of years ago, I did a little javascript trick to take the Evernote Bookmarklet code and place it into a Safari bookmark to get webclipper functionality inside iOS for all you Evernote users. Now that I am on Android, here is a way to get that same functionality via Firefox. Here is how.

1. Install Firefox from the Google Play Android App Store.


2. From inside Firefox on Android, go to Then, click on the side three-dots detail to flip the star bookmark icon.




This will give you a new bookmark we will use to park the webclipper on.

3. While you are there, go ahead and login to the web interface of Evernote. This is important as it sets the cookie that the web clipper code and Firefox will use moving forward. If you don’t login, you might get the “Set Third-Party Cookies” error when you try to use this clipper hack. You don’t need to stay logged-in, you just need to do something in Firefox so it will be okay with cookies from like a login.


3. Select all and copy the code below in Android. This will be pasted into the Firefox bookmark.

Make sure you get the entire piece of continuous text/code in your clipboard to paste. 

4. Click on the URL field and tab over to Bookmarks. Find the Evernote bookmark we created in Step #2.

5. Click and hold on the Evernote bookmark to get the “Edit” option.


6. Edit the bookmark title to something you want like “Clip to Evernote” and paste the code you have in your Android clipboard from Step #3.


The completed “Edit Bookmark” should look something like this. Click OK to save out.

7. Now, when you are on a page you want to include into your Evernote system, you can just click on the URL field, go to bookmarks and select the “Clip to Evernote” and it will. You will be prompted to login initially, but after that (if you flip the “Remember Me” checkbox) you should all set when you are on a page you want to send to Evernote.

While on the URL you want to  Evernote, go into bookmarks and click it to bring it in as just a URL, whole page or both.



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  • tried the evernote webclipper in firefox, via bookmarklet. I find that it doesn’t work without leaving 3rd party cookies turned on. I can go directly to evernote from an entry in firefox history, or from evernote app, or even go to, click login, and it logs me in automatically. but when I use the bookmarklet, it will ask for 3rd party cookies to be turned on.

    oh well, guess I’ll have to wait to a working Firefox Evernote addin. the current one that works through firefox share, and sends a url to evernote, not page or selection.