My slight tweaks on wp-svbtle


After around a year or so of using a forked wp-svbtle theme from ThemesKult, I really wanted to go back and get as standard as possible. I had previously done a lot of messing with the style.css and some other files in the standard branch over at Github. But, I wanted to come clean and take advantage of the improvements. Here are some ideas if you are thinking about doing the same.

Using page redirects in WordPress vs. coding in links in the wp-svbtle header

I was doing some wacky mods to the header to get some links on the sidebar. Recent builds of wp-svbtle have support for WordPress widgets and menus. So, no crazy need anymore to get nutty and fork the header.php. I did get the WordPress plugin Speedy Page Redirect that does a great job on kicking WordPress page entries to external links.

Speed Page Redirect in WordPress example

Rather than coding a link to something like a social media profile, you can just create a page in WordPress, put it in the nav menu you are using with wp-svbtle and off you go. Much better than trying to maintain a forked file that often gets updated over a GH.

Tweaking the search css to get it in alignment with the pages on the sidebar

The default css entries for pulling-in and placing the built-in WordPress search widget was a little off for me for whatever reason. Here is the css in the style.css of wp-svbtle as of 2013-08-25:

But I made a slight change on the margin-left. I doubled it. That seemed to fix the issue of alignment in my testing.

It’s a beautiful theme and I really like the feel while also having the extra tools around comments, plugins, widgets, and all the other advantages of the WordPress ecosystem. I continue to be happy with it even after looking and many other themes and options out there.


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