Hacking a $5.99 Meditation Fountain

I was at CVS getting something and saw a cheap meditation fountain for $5.99 at an endcap, so I thought I would give it a shot for a little background noise for my office. I took it home, put in a couple of batteries and was severely disappointed. The sound of the small motor was all you could hear. It was lame. I put it aside and swore I would make it better. This weekend, I decided to take a hacksaw to it to see if I could get the water sound to actually register or completely destroy it. To my surprise, I did make it better.

Here is what I did:

1. The problem with the fountain is that the space between the vertical cascade is too close. In order to get more water sound, I wanted to try and cut the intermediate horizontal surface out.


2. I took a hacksaw to the support under the intermediate ledge and figured if it was hollow and left a hole in the basin, I would just glue the flat surface down on top of the smaller hole. When I cut the ledge off, I was happy to discover the mold was still solid underneath.


3. I tried the water in there now, but still wasn’t happy with the sound. So, did  another cut to the former ledge base to get a little more drop. I cut as close as I could to the rim around the other base.


4. After this, I put the rocks in and tested. It worked! Sure, no white water rapids, but not bad for the overall size.


All and all, it was essentially two cuts of the hacksaw on this cheap fountain. But, it could have easily just been one if I would have known the base ledge was still solid underneath.

After all of this, you actually get a fountain that sounds like running water instead of the small engine hum.



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  • Man, I can’t tell you how happy I am to learn this thing was fixable! I was thinking I’d have to mess with the motor itself, or just take it back entirely. I didn’t even think to do what you have done. Thanks for the mini-guide on how to fix, what is, in my opinion, a horrible product.