Fixing thumbnail images problems in Salesforce with Google Chrome


If you are having issues with images showing inside Salesforce pages while viewing in Google Chrome, it might have to do with the third party cookies privacy check. Clearing the cache or resetting the browser will not help. It will eventually drive you crazy. The images that affected me most were user avatars and thumbnails. They show as broken image icons.

Here is the fix:

1. In Google Chrome, go into Settings then select “Show Advance Settings…” to get into “Privacy” and hit the “Content Settings” button.



2. You should keep the third-party block enabled, but just put in a couple of exceptions. Click “Manage Exceptions” under the “Block third-party cookies and site data” checkbox.



3. Inside the third-party block exceptions area, add a couple of entries for Salesforce-based content.



Mine are pretty wide-open but you can experiment with more specific URLs and patterns if you feel the need. Click “Done” and reload the pages with the former broken image links to confirm you are operational now.


17 Replies to “Fixing thumbnail images problems in Salesforce with Google Chrome”

  1. mergy – I don’t know what deity sent you to our mixed up world but YOU are a life saver! I have indeed been plagued by this for months and it’s been driving me CRAZY! I had tried entering other exceptions but it was the [*.] that finally worked for me!!!

    Thank you!

  2. This also fixes vf pages not rendering in lightning experience. Worth mentioning that changes in setup are mostly made on embedded vf pages.. Kudos to you!

  3. Boom.. Yep, it’s the [*.]
    .. with that, I’ve finally beat the boss level. Jeebuz. Been battling this ever since abandoning IE.

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