Appreciating Wittgenstein Now

Studying Philosophy back in my early 20s, I thought Ludwig Wittgenstein was somewhat interesting but I didn’t spend a lot of time with his work.

From The Philosophy Book by DK Publishing

Now in my 40s, I see the genius of his connection of language and understanding to the world. If I look to the various larger political issue debates over the years, or look back at any discord I’ve experienced at work with others, the language and “pictures” of the world around us have been critical to the disconnects and misunderstandings.

How individuals initially see the topics being discussed usually has set the stage for either parallel opinions and outcomes to be the ultimate result or being able to achieve intersection of understanding. Many of the larger political debates are destined to be on parallel paths because the fundamental assumptions are taken for granted or too difficult to delve into to really make an eventual difference.

I wish I would have connected with Wittgenstein more when my professors were urging me to do so back in the day. It would have helped me more back then and I could have seen the patterns earlier than I did.

The flow picture is courtesy of the Wittgenstein section of The Philosophy Book from DK Publishing. The book provides a wonderful and simple overview of the very complex history of Philosophy. It is a wonderful, accessible gateway for people into an amazing history.

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