Evernote Web Clipper On iPad and iPhone via Safari On iOS 7

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Update 2015-02-27: It’s been reported this no longer works on iOS 7.x for some reason. I’m unsure what Apple and or Evernote have done to disallow this, but a commenter wanted to add the disclaimer here. 

I posted the original bookmarklet to bookmark hack a few years ago and have continued to maintain it. Apple changed their iOS GUI pretty dramatically with the release of iOS 7, so I thought it would make sense to update the quick guide specifically to show iOS 7 users how to clip webpages to their Evernote accounts with the javascript to bookmark hack.

[OPTIONAL] If you don’t like a bookmark bar on your browser, you can skip this. If you do want a button always around to quickly clip a page, go into Settings > Safari and flip the switch to “Show Favorites Bar” to have a persistent bar across the top of Safari. You will see the guide with this option enabled.


1. In Safari on iOS 7.x, go to http://www.evernote.com and add the page to your favorites with the arrow box before the location field. Click the “Bookmark” box. You can do this on another tab in Safari if you want.


2. Change the name of the new bookmark from the site title to “Evernote Clipper” or whatever name you prefer. I will refer to the bookmark as this title for this guide. Save it after you rename it.


3. Now select the entire text below. I have it posted as code or you can click the link to the text file and Safari will open it and show the pure text. You need to click this link to open the code in a new text page to easily select all and copy to your iOS clipboard to paste in a later step.


Example of the copy text you will need to perform

4. Go to the favorities icon in Safari to the right of the url location field and open your favorities and edit the Evernote Clipper one.


5. You are going to clear the address the bookmark you just made.

20140308-135602.jpgand paste the entire code you copied from step 3 into the address field. Save the changed bookmark. This is your clipper now.


6.  With the clipper code now in the bookmark, you can to Evernote. Go to a different website now in Safari. The example below is Google. When the site is up, click the Evernote Clipper button on the bookmark bar, or use the favorites button to the right of the location bar to select the Evernote Clipper bookmark. Either method will work.

20140308-135621.jpg If all goes well, you will be prompted for the initial login to Evernote. Enter your Evernote username/password.

7. The Evernote dialogue will open and you will be able to add more details to the page you are clipping before you save.


8. After you save the quicknote from the clipper, you will see it in your regular Evernote account on your devices.



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