The Birds: Saratoga Edition

Saratoga cars are under attack by birds.

It’s not on the scale of the Hitchcock thriller “The Birds” but it is quite annoying for many of us and the birds are doing some damage. I’ve noticed over the last few months a lot of bird poop and mirror scratches around the rear view mirrors on many different cars in our parking lot at Saratoga Avenue near 85. I was able to snag some video proof earlier this AM when I caught one of the birds in action on my car. Listen to the tapping. The bird really goes into the mirror I suppose to attack the bird he thinks is challenging him.

There doesn’t seem to be a pattern other than cars in the general area. This may be some larger, common phenomenon, but I have never experienced it before in the Bay Area where I have lived my whole life. I’m unsure if it is seasonal or just a territorial thing for the birds in the area.

Possible Solutions

The only way I can slow them down is to fold the mirrors in when I park, but people have reported that won’t necessarily stop them. People also report that parking in different areas of the parking lot might get your car out of the range of the territorial nature of the birds that are coming after us.

This was cute initially when I saw them on other cars bouncing around, but it must be stressful for the little birds and the constant need to clean our cars and perhaps have to replace the rear view mirrors make this all a pain.

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