Dan Garcia’s List of 10 Things To Increase Engagement in Computer Science


Dan Garcia, the Co-Creator of CS10: Beauty & Joy of Computing, shared his ten points to increase engagement and success around Computer Science at the CS4HS 2014 session on diversity in CS. . I thought they were great to keep in mind. I’m paraphrasing, so I might need to correct at some later moment.

  1. Pair projects and pair programming
  2. Allow students pick their projects
  3. Reading and writing on social impact of projects
  4. Reading others writing assignments and commenting on them (peer review)
  5. Everything in the class is free (no cost)
  6. Use clickers in lecture for active learning
  7. The class is not “sage on the stage” but the guide on the side. Lab work, students doing.
  8. Many opportunities to give back to academic field study to see diverse populations in leadership roles around CS.
  9. Use a graphical programming language tools. Keep it fun.
  10. The course name the course/curriculum should be named that captures the joy and fun.

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