Getting Windows 10 and Cisco VPN Client Operational


Kudos to the various sites that provided some guidance on getting the Cisco IPSec VPN client going again on Windows 10. I finally was able to get it going for me. I’m running Windows 10 64bit and connecting to Cisco IPSec/UDP.

1. Run Winfix.exe before you do anything else. This will nuke all the bad stuff you probably did to try and get it operational. Do this first before you start piling on installs again. Trust me. Believe me. Reboot.

2. Install the Dell Sonic VPN client. Reboot.

3. Install your Cisco VPN client. Reboot

4. Try the VPN connection. It should work.

I know there are various other sequences out there, but this one is the only one that worked for me.


Here are some of the other sites I tried prior to going down this route. Any sequence that included the DNE update from Citrix didn’t work for me.


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