Java heap error with RazorSQL on Windows 10


In working with some large table exports with RazorSQL, I ran into some Java heap errors. Here is how to fix it by throwing more memory at Java in the runtime parameters.

  1. Get the latest version on Java. I know, Oracle and all, but just get the latest version. At the time of this post, it was 1.80.91
  2. Go to the “Configura Java” application or the java Control Panel and then into the Java tab to view/edit runtime settings.
  3. Add an entry for the -Xms parameter. In my example, I gave it 3 gb more memory, but YMMV. I ended-up going with 4gbs 0r 4096m.



That gave me a little more room in exporting some large tables from an old Sybase ASE database via RazorSQL since RazorSQL is a java program looking at the runtime for parameters.

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