Migrating ownCloud to NextCloud

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I’ve been a happy user of ownCloud for a few years now to dish shared calendar and contacts personally in addition to some image backup stuff with Android. I have no idea beyond the published reports of the split with the founder that started the Nextcloud variant, but it did seem like that is the future. So, getting over to it now made some sense to me. Here is what I did. YMMV.

  1. Backed-up up my ownCloud directory, mysql db, etc. via tar cvf and phpmysql.
  2. Moved my ownCloud directory off it’s usual path to something else (i.e. /var/www/owncloud to now /var/www/owncloud-old
  3. Downloaded the Nextcloud zip here. Unzipped it and gave it the orginal path of owncloud.
  4. Chmod’d and chown’d -R the permissions to get them the way I wanted of the new Nextcloud install.
  5. Moved the config.php from the old owncloud into the same dir of Nextcloud (from owncloudpath/config/config.php to netxcloudpath/config/config.php) and this was the old file I brought over from the previous OC folder.
  6. Hit the Nextcloud url path via browser and watched it go through the upgrade/update. It recognizes the situation and plays the required changes.
  7. I did have to go into admin on nextcloud and re-enable calendar and contacts for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe licensing or something?
  8. Took a while, but after I was able to access everything that was done in my previous owncloud.
  9. Really clean drop-in upgrade/sidegrade IMHO.

Some notes:

  1. I wasn’t on the very latest version of owncloud, but it still went fine. I was ballpark though (like 8.x something)
  2. I’m running on a 32bit Ubuntu 14.04 server. Apache, mysql, etc. Pretty standard from a few years back. I realize all the cool kids are nginx, but Apache has always been fine for me.
  3. I didn’t have a lot of other OC apps loaded. So, I wasn’t too worried about disabling stuff prior to NC.
  4. I am doing a lot of caldav and carddav stuff and that was back online right after. No probs.

I hope all goes well for you if you go down this route and move off ownCloud.

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