Fixing the intermittent pause or delays with Bluetooth mice


For a long time, native Bluetooth mice were tough to come by. Apple’s Magic Mouse was all that was really being sold as a native Bluetooth mouse and you could use it for OSX and Windows machines. I used it for years. But, it could have a little delay every once and while no matter what laptop I used with it. I recently bought a couple of new native Bluetooth mice and noticed even with those, there was a slight pause or gap from time to time. 

I’m happy more and more vendors are adding Bluetooth mice into the mix with the rise of “pro-sumer” tablets and tablets in general that people don’t want to fill the limited USB ports with those annoying little USB transmitters. Microsoft and Logitech have some nice Bluetooth mice out now. But even with those, lags or gaps can kick-up on responsiveness. 

What fixed this for me was making sure the Bluetooth hardware on the laptop had the latest driver for Windows 10. Hitting the Windows Device Manager (yes, old school WIndows NT-ish Device Manager) and updating the Bluetooth section of it vs. going into Network Adapters to update will help. 

In Device Manager, expand the Bluetooth section and right-click the actual Bluetooth device you have on the laptop and run update drive.

Update Bluetooth driver for Windows 10

Odds are, it’s probably running a generic Windows driver and not the more specific driver for the device. Mine was running an Intel generic driver that mostly worked, but after the driver update, I haven’t had a skip or gap with any Bluetooth mouse since. 

Easy to ignore because Bluetooth will kind of work with the generic or older drivers, but if you are experiencing issues, run the update. 

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  • Microsoft Windows wants control of driver updates yet doesn’t even inform you when an update is available? It’s sad but this is what I’ve come to expect from this once respected OS. The saddest part is the trust that’s been given them to control if most governments and businesses can operate or not. That’s not only sad but frightening.