Fixing a damaged Jitterbit Agent setup on Windows

God knows what mess I made with all the updates and installs of Jitterbit on my main laptop running Windows 10 insider builds. But, whatever happened, things got pretty messed up. Jitterbit installers have not been kind to me so when updating the agent or studio, I’ve typically had to uninstall and reinstall. I hit a wall though recently and was stuck. The Jitterbit Agent would not install and support was of no help.

Before you go down the rest of this article, make sure everything related to Jitterbit and Postgresql is uninstalled in Windows. The fix below was required because everything was uninstalled, but I still had issues. 

Jitterbit Agent installs require a postgresql backend, so the installer will include that as part of the quick install. You have to provide a db password, etc and the database backup will be put into place then the agent will leverage that. All good. But, what happened to me was even though I uninstalled all things Jitterbit and postgresql, something was still sticking around in Windows that was blocking a new clean install of Jitterbit Agent.

When I went to install, I got an error as the Agent installer went to check or validate a postgresql user. The error window would quickly cycle to another error. This is due to the staggered way the Agent installer works with sub-installers. 

The first error was related to a validateuser.exe command for jitterbitpostgres which I gathered was still present even after uninstalls of Jitterbit Agent and postgresql. It then cycles to the installer error below:

The error here is around the KoInstallPostgreSQLNew sub installer or something. I gathered the installer was essentially doing a check to see if postgresql was still floating around on Windows and it craps-out if it finds something. 

Turns out the installer does generate that user in Windows as a net user. If you open a command line as admin: right-click Windows menu, then “Command Prompt(Admin)” and run

You’ll get the user left behind on the previous install and uninstall. Issuing a 

will delete that user. This clear the issue that screws-up the agent validate install. 

Do that, then run the Jitterbit Agent installer again and you should be good. 

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