Doing mass edits or deletes in NetSuite by cheating with ReMouse

Thankfully, most of the core operation data in NetSuite can be mass deleted or mass edited via the various NetSuite tools in list views or saved searches or via integration tools like Jitterbit. But, sadly, some areas of data in NetSuite you can’t update or delete via the native NetSuite GUI or via CSV updates. When faced with the reality of having to manually delete ~1200 Reporting Schedules through a multi-step delete process for each of the records, I had to find a better way. 

Enter ReMouse. ReMouse is a Windows application that records mouse movements and clicks along with keyboard clicks. It’s not amazingly beautiful but it’s quite effective. You can position a browser window pointed at a NetSuite list view or saved search with the data you want to cycle through and delete then record the process in a repeatable manner. Other scripting tools that are Chrome extensions or Windows scripting programs often rely on keyboard shortcuts and get lost in something like NetSuite where you have to essentially ignore URLs (because they are record specific and change on each record) and there is some javascript stuff going on a script recording utility might not recognize. 

Buy the standard version for $28 so you can have the script play, once recorded, for as many times or for as long as you need it to. For me, ReMouse is cycling through those 1200+ records right now as I write this. I positioned a browser window in NetSuite in an upper corner of Windows and recorded the most efficient flow:

  1. Clicking on “Edit” of the NetSuite record in a saved search view,
  2. Waiting for detail page to load
  3. Mouse to the “Actions” top menu on the record detail page after page load, then click the “Delete” option
  4. Hit keyboard button ENTER to confirm the window pop-up delete confirmation.
  5. NetSuite takes you back to the list or saved search view after the save and ready for the repeat.
  6. Repeat #1

ReMouse allows you to also work off the same wait and delay for page loads so you can work around the possible issues around inconsistent browser page loads. Because NetSuite does drop you back to the list view from detail view after a delete, it sets up nice for something like a recorded ReMouse script. 

If you are in a similar situation as me with something like Scheduled Reports in NetSuite that doesn’t currently allow a bulk or multi-select delete, give ReMouse a try instead of giving up and going manual. 


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