Setup Android Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail Apps for Office 365

I’m really surprised this is not posted somewhere with clean instructions. The obvious path here is just to get the really nice Outlook Android app and be done with it, but some users tend to want to pull business calendar events into their personal calendars that are native to Android. Outlook does the contact sync back to contacts in Android as a option, but it does not yet sync calendars back to native Android calendars. 

  1. Get the most current version of Android OS you can get for your device. This goes without saying, but don’t try to set this up on versions below Nougat (Android 7.x) or, I’m guessing, you will have issues at some point. 
  2. Get the latest if you don’t have it from Google Play. 
  3. Go into System Preferences or just find the Gmail App and create a new account of type Exchange. Different Android phones will have different paths to create new accounts for things depending on vendor, but most all will have an Accounts System Preference of some sort. 
  4. Creating the new account, the Exchange type should reference your domain autodiscover settings and figure out your email is at Office 365. If it doesn’t, you probably can go with the mailserver address (but hopefully it figures it out for you.)
  5. Complete the new account setup here but one possible complication is the account password. If the domain in the Office365 setup uses multi-factor (which you better do nowadays!) then your user password is not the password for the account setup. It’s the application password you need to generate as your user in your account preferences in Office365. 
  6. If needed >> Generate an application password in Office 365: Login to, go to My Account, then into Security & Privacy, then Additional security verification THEN into Create and manage app passwords. Click create and copy that code. 
  7. Back to the Exchange account setup in Android – use the app password you generated in #6 as your user password. 
  8. The default setup is that you start syncing calendar, contacts, and email immediately. If you are using Outlook on Android, then you might want to disable contacts and email since they are coming in via Outlook if you enabled that Contacts Sync option in the Outlook app. If you don’t want to use Outlook on Android at all, leave them all syncing. 

Hope that helps. The app password wrinkle is a fun one. At some point, I am sure Microsoft will add calendar sync support to native Android as they have now with contacts and this sort of double setup would be unnecessary if you did want to use Outlook and native Android apps. But, until then, this sort of setup works. 

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