NetSuite Release Notes 2018.2 In Excel Format

I really appreciate the release notes but deciding on how to address them really requires a list format. I had to parse it all out and use an internal project management took, but I figured I would share it out in case anyone else found this useful or helpful as they developed a test plan. Not official, but taken from the release notes PDF at NetSuite in early August 2018. 

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    1. Justin, thanks for posting. It got us through 2018.2 because we were at least able to go through line by line and breakdown if we were okay or not point by point. If we weren’t then how would we need to mitigate it. Once we got through the list, we found we didn’t have a tremendous amount to have major concerns on. But, it was nice to have the backup of the work to show that as well. Hope it helps!

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