Nextcloud 14 upgrade error “Updates between major versions and downgrades are unsupported” fix

I’ve been cursed with this error I think every major upgrade since the migration from ownCloud to Nextcloud a couple of years ago. I have another posting on disabling this check on a previous version. It makes me not want to run the upgrades because they always fail. I’m unsure what check it’s finding that incorrectly flags the existing installed version, no matter what that version is, and halts the upgrade.

But, for version Nextcloud version 14, there is a different area of the Updater.php to comment-out. At around line 211, you can just add comment-out the three lines doing the check and trigger a halt to the upgrade process. 

Commenting the three key lines out of the Updater.php file for Nextcloud 14

The file you need to modify is in this path:


Once you do that, you can complete the upgrade either via the web upgrade or via the ./occ shell commands. 


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  • Somewhere there must be a version number set wrongly for your system – I mean, that it happens once, ok, but after that it shouldn’t keep happening… In the config.php or in the database? I’m not sure but this is of course not normal.

    Disabling the check is fine if you are sure you go from, say, 11 to 12 or 14 to 15 but if you try to go from 12 to 14, disabling this check to enforce the migration is very likely to lead to a broken install. Just want to get that warning out 😉

  • Not sure why the developers don’t fix this. This happened to me going from 12 to 13. Installed a clean version almost 9 months ago and have not updated anything. Today went to system GUI and started updating apps. Guess what, back to the maintenance mode screen. Did Nextcloud hire the programmers from Microsoft from the old days that constantly created the ‘Blue screen of death’? Why is this an ongong issue. Why even have a GUI update if the thing fails everytime. Tempted to dump this and go back to Owncloud. Frustrated…feel Nextcloud is a cheap badly coded automobile versus Owncloud a stable mercedes. Google this issue…its all over. Now going to spend hours trying to fix it…Ugh. And if I have to reinstall…guess what, going to Owncloud and will pay for it.

    • Drove me nuts for many many upgrades. I ended up going clean install of nextcloud then restoring data carefully back. The ownCloud to Nextcloud migration was not fully clean so it had nagging issues like this until I went clean.